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The Mud Muncher Motorized Roll Off System is a fully integrated film guiding system. It can be installed on almost any standard helmet shield in minutes, and can quickly clear your view by simply pushing a button. 

  • Flexible Lexan Guiding System (preassembled) is attached to your shield with high performance low profile Velcro and two light weight quick release pins for easy installation.
  • 12 Volt Integrated Motor is removable from guiding system without removing the guide system from the shield for easy clean up with soap and water after your race.
  • Aluminum 6061-T6┬ámotor housing and film housing provide lasting durability for harsh environments like off road racing, mud bogging and dirt track ovals.
  • Prewired, Heavy Duty wiring harnesses mean easy installation and lasting durability
  • Sealed, ATV Type Control switch prevents unwanted failures and premature winding of the film roll.
  • Affordable, prewound film rolls are available with quantity discount pricing.
  • 12VDC system can be wired into the race cars electrical system or run from an optional battery pack for flexibility.
  • Lightweight construction and Lexan scrapers provide reduced weight to prevent driver neck fatigue.
  • Mud Muncher has the capacity equal to 65 tear offs to get you through long feature races.
Price: $295
Australian Customers See Notes On Online Order Page

Aluminum Body Color
Price: $395
Australian Customers See Notes On Online Order Page

Aluminum Body Color
Are you looking for away of cleaning your camera lens in a difficult place to reach and service.  This is a lens cleaning for hostile environments. Operates on 12VDC.  
Contact us to discuss your need for a customized application.
Part #CMM110
Price $595.00  (white camera housing not included)

Contact us for more information

Automatic motorized Lens Cleaning System
Price On Request

The Camera Mud Muncher is a self contained motorized film guiding system made of billet aluminum.  2 mil thick film is moved across the lens using a 12 volt DC gear motor.  With programmable durations you can choose the right timing sequence for your application.  The Mud Muncher is used to achieve optical clarity in adverse conditions such as, but not limited to: rain, snow, mud, dirt, bugs or any type of airborne debris.  Optical clarity can be achieved using the Mud Muncher in front of many types of optical processes, but is not limited to: your eyes, video cameras, cameras, visual surveillance systems, optical guidance. 


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