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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Who is Alternative Distribution?

  • Alternative Distribution was formed by Mark Peterson in 2006
  • Mark, a Journeyman Tool & Die Maker, has 30 years of experience in product design and manufacturing.
  • After racing Off Road Buggies in Midwest, Mark saw the need for a more robust automatic tear off system.

How is the Mud Muncher manufactured?

  • Alternative Distribution uses Precision CNC Machine Tools (Haas VMC and Lathes, Fanuc Wire EDM and CNC Bridgeport Mills) to manufacture the components to tight tolerances.
  • The Mud Muncher is made in USA.

Why is the Mud Muncher so much more reliable?

  • The Mud Muncher is built from only the finest components available, like 6061-T6 Aluminum  and industrial electrical components.
  • The Mud Muncher is 100% rebuildable and made to last.
  • The Mud Muncher is available in two different models: Sprint and Marathon
How does the Mud Muncher work?
  • A high torque motor on steroids is integrated with a roll of clear tear off film is advanced by simple pushing a button. Quickly clearing your vision and making victory possible.
Can I install it on any shield?
  • Almost Any
  • Contact us via email and will send you a film guide template to check if the Mud Muncher will fit on your helmet shield. Example: Will not fit on Bell Star Infusion.
Do I need power to operate?
  • Yes; the Mud Muncher motor will need DC power from the race car electrical system. 
What is the operating voltage?
  • 12 to 16 volts DC @ 0.4 amps draw.
Can debris get between shield and Mud Muncher lens?
  • No: The two units are integrated together with zero possibility for infiltration.
Can I install over a colored shield?
  • Yes; you can install on any color you desire.
Can I use any size film?
  • No: the film must be 2-1/8” wide with a maximum outside diameter.
How will it improve my lap times?
  • Never again will you have to take your hands of the steering wheel or let off the throttle while waiting for a clear view.
Can I switch the Mud Munch to another shield?
  • Yes: the easiest way is to purchase additional quick release pins and Velcro for fast change over.
How easy is it to clean?
  • Remove the drive motor assembly and set aside.  Simple submerse the shield and Mud Muncher film guide in a bucket of water and clean with a soft brush. Dry off before re-assembly
Can I mount the film advance switch anywhere?
  • Yes: the switch is mount with a standard cable tie.
Will it fit on goggles?
  • No: Most goggles are too small to accommodate the large viewing area the Mud muncher offers.
Can I buy replacement parts?
  • Yes: as durable as the Mud Muncher is constructed it is still possible to damage it when doing battle on the race track.  As we built this unit in the good old USA all parts are of top quality and in-stock. (See the Products page on this website) 

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Hours of Operation
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